Since 2003 I have been connected

to VAK (Vestsjællands arbejende kunstværksteder) in Jyderup, Denmark, where I am casting  bronze based on the cire perdue (lost wax) method.

In 2004,  I, together with 4 others sculptors, established a new sculpture workshop, "Stengruppen Rådmandsgade 52". I am chairman for Stengruppen.


I create sculptures in wood, clay, bronze and stone. I am self-taught and have worked as a  sculptor  since 1993.

In1996 I began working with granite, marble, and plaster in a sculptor's  workshop  in Copenhagen.

During  2000, I worked for a period  in Pietrasanta, Italy, where I studied techniques of sculpting in marble.

Erik Lemcke
born in Denmark1944